A little Tell About MTR

Let me tell you a little tale. I’ve been in the property game for nearly two decades now, renting out places to folks. Ain’t nothing wrong with it, mind you. It’s been treating me real fine.

But you know, in this business, you always look for ways to make a bit more dough. Between all the bills and mortgage payments, cash flow’s always a bit of a dance. Seems like every time things start looking up, bam! Some big expense comes outta nowhere, sounds familiar?

Now, I ain’t griping none. Just sharing the facts.

So, this idea of short-term rentals comes my way. I don’t jump right in though. Nah, I wait for the right moment. Figured it might make sense to turn a few of my properties into short-term rentals. The opportunity finally shows up when I’m listing some houses for sale. I figure, why not try ’em out as short-term rentals at the same time?

Let me tell ya, it was okay, nothing to write home about. Learned a lot during those short-term rental stints though. Made me realize it ain’t exactly my cup of tea. Dealing with those short-term rental providers was a headache, and financially, it didn’t make much sense unless I had ’em occupied almost all the time.

Now, over a decade ago, long before anyone was talking about short-term rentals, I stumbled upon another idea: renting out houses for a few months at a time. More than just your typical short-term deal, but not quite long-term either. At the time, it filled a niche, but finding tenants for it was a challenge. We didn’t even have a fancy term for it back then. Nowadays, they call it midterm rentals.

Midterm rentals offer up a whole bunch of possibilities. Short-term rentals are just one slice of the pie.

Got a few midterm rental properties up and running here in Metro ATL. And here’s the kicker—while we’re still ironing out the kinks, we’re already seeing demand outpace supply. Got folks lining up for these properties, and we’ve hardly even started advertising.

So, here’s the deal: if you’ve got a property, and you’re curious if it could qualify for a midterm rental, give us a shout. No strings attached, just share some info about your place. We ain’t looking to manage your property, just aiming to partner up with about ten savvy property owners looking to boost their cash flow and ROI.

If that sounds like your cup of tea, take a minute to fill out a quick form.

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