Maximizing Collaboration – Let’s Partnerup

Let’s team up – you provide the property, and we’ll bring the knowledge, expertise, and excellence to transform your rental into a more profitable asset.

We only earn when you do – it’s in our best interest to optimize your property’s income. To achieve this, we’ve developed proprietary processes to enhance every aspect of your house. An empty property represents untapped potential, which we aim to maximize.

First step: Fill out the form, and let us assess if collaborating with your property is worthwhile.

Second step: Once we approve the property, we’ll provide a budget estimate for the necessary steps to convert it into a mid-term rental (MTR).

Third step: Execute the necessary tasks to convert the property.

Fourth step: Prepare for marketing and complete any required touch-ups to increase exposure.

Fifth step: Begin marketing and utilize various channels we’ve developed to maximize occupancy and minimize vacancy.

Your property, our effort – we handle everything from showcasing the house, screening MTR tenants, leasing, marketing, repairs, cleaning, and more.

Deciding on Mid-Term Rentals: How to Determine if It’s Right for You



  1. Emmanuel Obodoechine

    I have a property I rent per room on padsplit. I am in a prime location in Atlanta close to multiple hospitals like CHOA, Emory etc. I was wondering if you would be interested in managing the property and filling up the rooms with travel nurses.

    • Dan Ore

      Let’s start by acknowledging that we believe the location is excellent, particularly for travel nurses and other medical travel professionals. However, we’d need to physically see the property and its layout to ensure it meets the requirements for MTRs. In the past, we’ve encountered challenges with some PadPlit houses being very basic in setup, often cramming every available space into bedrooms. This kind of layout might deter typical MTR tenants and travel nurses from choosing such a house. However, it’s possible to properly set up and configure a house to meet MTR requirements. If you’d like us to assess the property, please provide the address and we can arrange a time to visit.

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