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Selling on KaVadoo – Step by Step

Before Listing

    1. Review and complete all/most of the selling checklist – see below
    2. Sign KaVaDoo’s marketing agreement
    3. Register to KaVaoo
    4. List your property
    5. Accept offers via email

The Selling Checklist

    1. Staging your home (DIY) / professional decluttering
      1. OR virtual staging
      2. OR virtual consultant to Facetime/Zoom the house with you
    2. Professional photography
      1. Drone photography – sample
    3. Deep cleaning
    4. Order a home inspection
    5. Seller disclosure statement – PDF
    6. Simple floor plan sketch – sample
    7. List of recent upgrades
    8. Interior signage
    9. Good property description
    10. Repairs/fix/paint/freshen up the house
    11. ⬜ House and neighborhood video/s – doesn’t need to be professional

IMPORTANT: The more items you check on the list, the more likely you will:

    • Sell faster
    • Get a higher price
    • Get multiple offers
    • Speed up the process

Pricing Your Home

Smart Pricing – 3-Tier Pricing

Traditionally, a house has one (asking) price.

When selling to investors, pricing has more fluctuation. As a seller, you should consider at least two (maybe even three) pricing options to entice the right buyer:

  1. Cash pricing. Ex. $190,000
  2. Mortgage pricing. Ex. $205,000
  3. Seller-financing pricing. Ex. $215,000

How to determine such a pricing tier: First, determine your normal listing price. This is the price you would list your house if you were not to use 3 tiers. That’s your baseline aka price with a mortgage. On that price, you can determine the other tiers with a discount for cash-offer and seller-financing as a third.

Remember that the actual selling price will be whatever you and a buyer agree on. But setting these prices mainly tell a buyer you are open to the idea and that you have set a baseline for each option.

Concierge Services

If the list of items on the Seller’s Check List is too much, we can help.

Seller who needs help with all or some of the items on the seller’s checklist can pay $150 for taking care of all these items.

The fee includes:

  • Initiating and coordinating with vendors to provide the needed items
  • Completing the Seller disclosure statement with the seller
  • Uploading all info to and publishing it

The fee doesn’t include: 

  • Payment to vendors such as inspector, stager, consultant, sketch person, photographer, etc.

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