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Why invest through RPFS?

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RPFS is focused on helping owners sell their house or rental properties to real estate investors.

Buyer, are you looking for:

✔ a tenant occupied home?
✔ Airbnb or short term rental ready?
✔ Seller financing?
✔ a home that needs some work?
✔ a great opportunity?

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The traditional market doesn’t properly serve investment properties.  RPFS connects sellers and investors-buyers. RPFS enables a seller to list their rented houses, short term rentals, and sub-par properties and enables investors-buyers to make offers on them.

Rented Houses for Sale

Investor-buyers prefer a renter occupied house. As a seller, you do not need for your lease to end to sell your house. Keep collecting rent while finding a buyer who sees your tenant as an advantage.

Short Term Rental for Sale

RPFS is the only market place to list, sell, and buy short term rentals. Active short term rentals now have a home to be sold.

3-Teirs House Pricing

A house price is dynamic and not a static figure. The price of a house is a combination of comps and the situation. Cash, financing, or seller-financing all carry different price points.
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