Exploring the Rise of Mid-Term Rentals

Join host Dani Beit-Or and guest Adee Weismark in this enlightening podcast episode as they delve into the world of Mid-Term Rentals (MTR). As the real estate landscape continues to evolve, MTR has emerged as a promising alternative to both Short-Term Rentals (STR) and Long-Term Rentals (LTS).
Throughout the episode, Dani and Adee explore the unique advantages and challenges of MTR compared to its counterparts. They discuss how MTR provides a middle ground for property owners, offering the potential for higher rental income than LTS while avoiding the constant turnover associated with STR.
Drawing from their extensive experience in the real estate industry, Dani and Adee share insights into the practical aspects of managing and optimizing MTR properties. From property selection and pricing strategies to tenant screening and lease agreements, they offer valuable tips for success in the MTR market.
Listeners can expect to gain a deeper understanding of the economic and logistical considerations involved in transitioning properties to MTR. Whether you’re a seasoned investor exploring new opportunities or a homeowner considering alternative rental options, this episode provides valuable insights into the growing trend of Mid-Term Rentals.
💡 00:00 Introduction
💡 06:11 What Are MTRs – Mid Term Rentals
💡 07:06 MTR compare to STR compare to LTR
💡 09:00 The LTR Challenge
💡 14:31 The STR Challenge
💡 19:08 What is MTR & Some of Its Benefits
💡 22:01 — Who Rents as a MTR?
💡 25:30 — Can I Convert a STR to a MTR?
💡 30:50 — Can I Convert a LTR to a MTR?
💡 33:27 Does my House Qualifies as a MTR? How Do I know?
💡 35:49 Example #1 of Qualifying Houses for a MTR
💡 36:15 Example #2 of Qualifying Houses for a MTR
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