Deciding on Mid-Term Rentals: How to Determine if It’s Right for You

The primary concern for any investor contemplating mid-term rentals is the cost-benefit analysis. Is the effort and investment required to convert a property into a mid-term rental worth it? By now, you understand that mid-term rentals (MTRs) entail additional expenses, mainly for furnishing and preparing the house to align with this model. You may even […]

Exploring the Rise of Mid-Term Rentals

Delve into the world of Mid-Term Rentals (MTR). As the real estate landscape continues to evolve, MTR has emerged as a promising alternative to both Short-Term Rentals (STR) and Long-Term Rentals (LTS).

A little Tell About MTR

Let me tell you a little tale. I’ve been in the property game for nearly two decades now, renting out places to folks. Ain’t nothing wrong with it, mind you. It’s been treating me real fine. But you know, in this business, you always look for ways to make a bit more dough. Between all […]

Mid-term Rental (MTR) Case Studies

#1 Location: metro AtlantaHouse value – $325,000Prep: New purchase with cosmetic renovation: paint, flooring, repairs, fence/deck installationLTR: no utilities and internet     Long Term Rental(LTR) Mid-term Rental(MTR) Mortgage and Expenses ~$2,200 $2,000 Avg. monthly rent $2,100 $5,500 Net $100 $2,500   Deciding on Mid-Term Rentals: How to Determine if It’s Right for You #2 […]

Maximizing Collaboration – Let’s Partnerup

Let’s team up – you provide the property, and we’ll bring the knowledge, expertise, and excellence to transform your rental into a more profitable asset. We only earn when you do – it’s in our best interest to optimize your property’s income. To achieve this, we’ve developed proprietary processes to enhance every aspect of your […]

Mid-Term Rentals: Advantages and Disadvantages for Property Owners

Deciding on Mid-Term Rentals: How to Determine if It’s Right for You Understanding Mid-Term Rentals Mid-term rentals strike a balance between flexibility and stability, offering leases that typically run from a few months to just under a year. They’re perfect for those seeking an extended stay without the commitment of a long-term contract. Here are […]

Mid-Term Rentals: What An Investor Needs to Know

Managing a rental property offers various avenues to explore, each with its own set of benefits and challenges. While the standard 12-month lease has been the norm, some Investor are now turning to medium-term rentals to maximize their income. What Exactly is a Medium-Term Rental? A medium-term rental is one where a tenant stays for […]

FAQs on Mid-term Rental (MTR)

What is MTR? Mid-term rental: Usually lasts 30 days to 6 months, potentially up to a year Common reasons for seeking mid-term rentals: Insurance claims (e.g., flood, water damage, fire) Need for furnished accommodations Short-term housing for students Families in transition between homes Families undergoing home renovations Typically furnished like short-term rentals (STRs): Includes furniture, […]

סיפור קצר על השכרת הייברד (טווח בינוני)

סיפור קצר. כבר כמעט שני עשורים שאני עוסק בנדל”ן, משכיר בתים לאנשים. ובסה”כ זה ממש אחלה. אבל, בתחום הזה אנחנו תמיד מחפשים דרכים להרוויח קצת יותר. בין כל ההוצאות ותשלומי המשכנתא, התזרים תמיד מאתגר. אפילו נראה שכל פעם שהדברים מתחילים להיראות טוב, משהו קורה והוצאה גדולה ובלתי צפוייה צצה וזה נוגס ברווחים, נשמע מוכר? בסה”כ […]

Quick Guide to Setting Up an LLC and a US Bank Account

It’s common practice to purchase real estate properties in the US through an LLC due to the benefits it offers. Firstly, buying property under an LLC provides protection for the company and exemptions, meaning that if there are any issues, creditors can only go after the company’s assets and not your personal finances. However, for […]